Rajasthan Camel Safari

Bustling bazaars, preening peacocks, sloppy sand dunes, diverse wildlife - uniquely Rajasthan. The place derives its name, Rajasthan, from 'Rajah' and 'Sthana', literally meaning home of kings. The history of Rajasthan, once called Rajputana, narrates the legendary tales of valour and romance. The marvelous architecture and captivating landscape makes it an unbeatable destination on India's tourist map.

Rajasthan proves the fact that India is a land of diversities. The State represents a distinct variety in all its forms - customs, culture, music, costumes, dialects, people and cuisine. These diversities make Rajasthan the most colourful state of India. No area assembles the many paradoxes of India as does the Land of Kings - Rajasthan. The magnificent forts and palaces and exquisite temples spread throughout the desert landscape are a testimony to the rich history of Rajasthan.

The fairs and festivals in Rajasthan celebrate every occasion, birth and harvest. Merriment continues with great fun and frolic. The festive mood gets exhilarated with folk music and dance.

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