Fairs and Festivals Rajasthan

Rajasthan Fairs and FestivalsThe cultural merriment and the colourful hues attached to the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan have made them popular world over. Rajasthan celebrates every harvest, birth, season and religious occasion. These countless fairs and festivals are packed with fun, frolic and rituals. The celebrations are accompanied by folk music and dance. The locals dress up in traditional costumes and participate whole heartedly in the festivities. In order to enjoy the vibrant festivities of the fairs and festivals in Rajasthan, the tourists plan a vacation during the festive season.

Pushkar Fair, Pushkar (November)

Pushkar fair is far famed. It is visited by the maximum number of people. Pushkar city is not only the venue of the Pushkar fair, but a prominent pilgrimage as well. Bazaars, sports and music are amongt the major highlights of this fair.

Urs Ajmer Sharif, Ajmer (In Accordance With The Lunar Calendar)

Urs Fair is organized in the memory of Saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti. The pilgrims from different parts of the country and even from foreign lands come to the Dargah to seek the blessings of the saint.

Nagaur Fair, Nagaur (January-February)

Nagaur Fair is a cattle fair. The cattle trade is the major attraction of this fair. Apart from the bargaining for cattle between the buyers and the sellers, games, camel races and tug-of-war also form a part of the festivities.

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer (January-February)

The Desert festival is one amongst the most important festivals of Rajasthan. It is a sort of a journey into the heart of Jaisalmer city which fascinates even a traveled visitor. The highlights of the festival include camel dances, camel races, snake charmers, camel acrobatics, turban tying competition and Mr. Desert contest.

Elephant Festival, Jaipur (March-April)

Elephant festival basically celebrates Holi. A visitor can watch several elephant sports during this festival. Elephants dressed in the best finery are the major attraction of this festival.

Gangaur Festival (March-April)

Gangaur festival is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. The womenfolk dress up in bright and colourful attires and pray for their well-being of their husbands. The celebrations of this festival last for 18 days.

Marwar Festival, Jodhpur (October)

Marwar festival is organized by the Department of Tourism of the State Government. It is dedicated to the dance and music of the Marwar area. The visitors have an opportunity of understanding the folk tradition of this specific region of the state. It was earlier known as Maand (classical style of folk music) Festival.

Camel Festival, Bikaner (January)

Bikaner is quite famous for its Camel Festival. It brings alive the desert city with its celebrations. It has been constantly gaining popularity because of its different folk as well as camel performances.

Teej Festival, Jaipur (July-August)

Celebration of Teej Festival mark the beginning of the monsoon. Festive mood prevails during the festival. All decked up in colourful attires, womenfolk enjoy shopping in the bazaars.

Baneshwar Fair, Baneshwar (January-February)

Baneshwar fair is a religious festival celebrated with traditional rituals. Tribals population from nearby areas come here in large numbers.

Mewar Festival, Udaipur (March-April)

Mewar festival is celebrated to welcome the spring season. It is accompanied by music, dance, processions and fireworks.

Summer Festival, Mount Abu (June)

Summer Festival is held in the one and only hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu. The tiny hill resort is full of festivities during this time of the year. The visitors relax in the hills.

People decorate their houses and visit relatives and friends to share the joys and happiness of the celebrations. Festivals are an opportunity when people take out time from their busy schedules and unite together.

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